She’s an expert on celebrities. He’s the biggest of them all. Can she risk everything she’s ever known for true love?

Olivia Fowler uses “being average” to her advantage. She runs a company setting up other average people to meet celebrities and business is booming. After a chance encounter with uber-famous Alexander Young, her world of knowing Hollywood’s most rich and famous is thrown into serious jeopardy.

Alexander is sexy and charming, and dating him could make her “average” persona and business sink like a stone. When she tries to balance both lives at once, her work and love lives collide in a way she never saw coming.

How will Olivia choose between the perfect career and the perfect man?

The Average Girl is a chick-lit romantic comedy full of cocktails, laughter, and celebrity chemistry. If you like refreshingly heartfelt stories, hilarious dialogue, and the ideal pairing of wine and men, then you’ll love Angelina Goode’s light and bubbly rom-com.

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Falling for Grace

Grace is doing her best to give her son the life he deserves, but her job as a teacher just barely makes ends meet. So when she is approached by the confident Helen, publicist for Asher James, Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy, she finds it hard to turn the offer down. After all, how hard can it be to go on a few dates with Asher to help improve his reputation? And the amount they are willing to pay is more than she could make in five years as a teacher.
But Asher’s extravagant ways and rule-breaking behavior prove to be a challenge for Grace and her conservative beliefs. She’s not sure how much of his behavior she can handle before her reputation gets dragged down into the dirt alongside his.

Until she meets Reeves, Asher’s less famous brother. Grace can’t help but fall for Reeves’ kind ways and understated good looks. And Reeves seems to be falling harder for Grace with each meeting.

Will Grace be able to save Asher’s reputation? Can she keep her feelings for Reeves under control? And most importantly, will she be able to stay true to herself without getting lost in a world where not everything that glitters is gold?